Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Family Photos to Share

Don't know exactly where these are going to post when I publish this,but I will give descriptions and I'm sure you will be able to figure out which one is which.

Mom and Dad, 1998. Dad with his youngest Granddaughter, Jordanna,who just turned 10 this weekend and our family pet,Muffin. Dad just became a Great-Grandfather on October 28,2005 when his Grandson Mitch and his partner Alicia had their daughter Jade,whom I met for the first time at Dad's visitation and funeral. Dad said when he 58."You know,it's conceivable that I could be a Great-Grandfather before I'm 60." Boy,talk about eating your own words! I remember teasing him about that when we found out Jade was on the way!

Mom with her"Baby" Muffin and Dad,Christmas 1997. Dad,Me and Mom,Christmas 1997.

These are the best of the photos I currently have. Since Dad loved photography,he had tons of photos at home. The family decided we will get them put on CD's for each one of us,so I'll get many more one day.


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