Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Boss (Or So She Thinks!)

Hi! My Name is Muffin. I am a 14 year old Shih Tzu and as far as I'm concerned,I am the BOSS of this family! I am a dog with ATTITUDE,you better believe it!

I was born February 2,1992. Mommy picked me out special in late March,after Crystal had went home after recovering from her eye removal surgery. Mommy wanted to wait to get a puppy so Crystal wouldn't step on him/her while she couldn't see too good. By waiting,she was very lucky because she got ME! Cute,aren't I,if I do say so myself(and I do!).

When I was 9 weeks old, I wasn't feeling very good. I was head pressing and had a hard time relaxing. Mommy took me to the vet (I do NOT like that place! They have NEEDLES,OW!). After doing some tests,they found out my ammonia count was over 800!(Normal is about 25). They found I had a shunt in my liver that needed to be closed off and removed. My vet couldn't do it,so at the tender age of 12 weeks old, I was taken the the Ontario Veternary College at the University of Guelph for my big surgery. It was so expensive,Mommy called me her"Million Dollar Baby" after that. Of course I just LOVED that!

The second weekend I was in my new home,Crystal came to meet me. Mommy was working and had warned Crystal to look carefully when she came in so she wouldn't step on me(I am so smart,I learned very quickly that Crystal's right eye was blind and I stayed within her line of sight so she wouldn't step on me.) Funny,I knew Crystal was family from the first time I met her. She saw me laying on living room carpet in front of the couch. I was just a little furball then(Now I'm a bit bigger furball,hehe!) Crystal picked me up"Oh Muffin,aren't you cute?" She gently cuddled me and I knew right then she was family. She carried me out to the kitchen to get a cold drink out of the fridge,but the phone rang as soon as we go there. It was Mommy"Crystal,did you find her?" "Yes Mom,I have her right here in my arms. She is sooo cute!" "Ok,I just wanted to make sure you found her ok,I'll see you when I get home from work". Then Crystal opened the fridge and found one cold Coke in there"Hard to get good help nowadays,isn't it Muffin?" Boy,isn't THAT the truth! I may only stand less than a foot off the ground,but I sure learned how to wrap this family around my paw and let them know when I was hungry or wanted out! I darn near scared myself silly the first time I learned to bark,but boy,could I BARK and did it ever come in handy! After Crystal got her Coke,she sat down in one of the chairs in the livingroom. I promptly made myself comfortable and slept on her lap until Mommy got home.

I had it made,a family that just loved me and spoiled me. Whenever Mommy and/or Daddy had to go away and couldn't take ME,Crystal would come home to look after me. I loved her so much,I could trust her as much as I trusted Mommy and Daddy.

One time,Mommy went away for a few days to visit her brother Kenny as he was in hospital and was just diagnosed with cancer. Mommy took the train to Belleville to see him and Crystal came and stayed with me. One day,she got this phone call and she was all excited for some reason. I used to love it when Crystal would sit on the floor Indian style and I could snuggle inside her crossed legs. After she got this phone call, we sat like this and while she was petting me she said"You know,Muffin,Crystal is going to get a dog of her own one day,but don't you ever forget I will always love you as much a I do now." "Huh? What dog? I don't see no dog!" I just ignored her and went to sleep. Little did I know.......

One day,Crystal came home to visit and I was excited as usual until I saw she had this BIG,BLACK MONSTER with her! The legs were so long,I had to look waaay up to see him! My little heart was broken,Crystal went and got a dog of her own,a big black dog named Nelson whom she clearly adored. She didn't love me anymore! This black "thing" did something called a"Play bow" in front of me,but it scared me,I thought he was gonna eat me or something,so I would run away from him. Then the big creep tried to sniff my butt! I don't let ANY dog sniff my butt. I'm a lady,y'know! All that weekend,when Mommy and Daddy were out,I hid in their bedroom until they got home. I thought that big black monster was gonna eat me,eventhough Crystal told me he just wanted to "make friends" and would never hurt me. I don't WANT him as a friend,I am the only dog here!

Gradually,over time,I learned to grudglingly accept him. One thing I thought was really cool was eventhough he scared me when he got excited and alerted Crystal to a sound(usually in the kitchen). I noticed right away,he got TREATS for doing this! The treats are in the KITCHEN!!! Hmm,there's 2 entrances to this kitchen,if I sit and wait at one and he goes to the other one ,maybe I'll get a treat too.... Yea,I got a treat same time he did! I'll have to remember this cool trick. Heck,I'm smart enough,I could have learned to do what Nelson does.

The things I would not allow was eating at the same time as the Monster did or go out in MY fenced in backyard with him! Geez,the nerve! That's MY yard! So they quickly learned to feed us and put us out separately. See,I AM the Boss!

Then Mommy got really sick and they found out she had cancer. Mommy did really well for a long time,she and Daddy used to go on lots of trips and I got to go with them for most of them. I love camping so much,they couldn't say the word unless they were REALLY going. Crystal used to tease me"You've seen more of Canada than I have,you little twerp!"

Then,one day,an ambulance came to the house to take Mommy away. She never came home again. I missed her for a long time. I'd lay at the top of the landing and watch the door,hoping she would walk through it,but she never did *sigh*

I was so lucky to still have my Daddy. I loved him very much too and he adored me. He still took me on some camping trips or just rides in the truck. Crystal and Nelson didn't come home as often,but I was always glad to see Crystal.

Then,not too long ago,my Daddy died too. Crystal would have loved to take me to live with her,but she doesn't have the room or the money to look after me. I've mellowed out some in my golden years and I've learned to tolerate other dogs better,since we used to meet so many when we went camping. I'm now living with Daddy's son Darin and his family in Windsor. Crystal asked to see me again for what most likely will be the last time, after Daddy's funeral. I was so excited to be back in Daddy's house again! Maybe it was a bad dream! Maybe Daddy is still here,but he wasn't. I let Crystal hold me and cuddle me for a little while. Darin promised her when she e-mails and asks about me ,he'll take a picture of me on his digital camera and send it to her. Funny,Darin has two big dogs ,but I don't seem to mind them as much. I guess it's because they aren't Crystal's dogs.

Darling Muffin,I will always love you and will never forget you.


Blogger Patience said...

I think Muffin has more than a little bit in common with Noel.

Sam and Patience

12:08 AM  
Blogger Nelliesmama said...

I was thinking that she and Noel would have a lot in common when I write it,lol1 Maybe they should start some" Little Dogs Support Group",haha!

12:16 AM  
Blogger Natalie said...

Awwww good post Crystal. Muffin is supercute!!

12:48 AM  
Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

Good post, I love the name Muffin =P

10:07 AM  

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